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There are literally thousands of travel agents, sometimes in your own host agency, competing for the same market. Our research shows that there is a good percentage of customers shopping online that are looking for real travel experts. The question for us was, what is best method to connect these web surfers to you, the true experts?  The answer is a program we call  Join Real Travel Experts! on our popular travel blog: and on our You Tube travel channel: RTE Travel Talk: Ask A Real travel Expert.

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What It Is:
Real Travel Experts is an online high traffic travel blog that consolidates expert’s advice, destination articles, reviews, video and podcasts. The difference is that all articles and content are written and delivered by true travel professionals such as yourself. Blog readers have the opportunity to read the content, view select promotions, and locate an expert near them via our agent locator.

RTE- Travel Talk is an online travel talk show via Youtube and the popular podcast channels where industry experts such as yourself are interviewed about the state of travel, upcoming promotions, unique destinations, reviews, and your history, expertise and backgrounds. The goal for the show is to provide video / audio content for your social media and websites, and provide third party affirmation for you as an expert in your field.

The show and interviews have proven to be an ongoing source of leads and direct business for advisors as the shows tend to live on and be served by Youtube attracting, in some cases, thousands of views which has lead to  thousands of dollars in business and commissions for our clients.

What It Is Not:
Real Travel Experts is not a host agency. We welcome all travel professionals provided you have five years of experience and are an expert in your field.

Benefits to You and Your Travel Agency:

  • Increased Traffic to Your Home Website
  • Backlinks for your Home Website
  • Quality Lead Generation Funnel
  • Recognition as a True Professional / Expert in Your Business ( or destination, etc.)
  • Listing on an Expert Locator and Site with a maximum number of select agents as opposed to thousands
  • All experts will be qualified so as not to diminish your expertise and reputation
  • Ability for visitors to contact you directly via individual contact forms
  • Ability for visitors to directly connect to your home website
  • Ability for visitors to link directly to your reviews and testimonials
  • Join Real Travel Experts as an author for even more exposure
  • Promotion of your expertise through YouTube interviews

Plus, with an annual subscription you receive:

  • Video link(s) to promote on your own social or website for each interview
  • Promotion on Real Travel Expert’s Facebook Page (29K followers): interview(s); groups; or blog articles.
  • 2 complimentary special offer listings on our Featured Vacations page (advertise yourself or a special travel group you have contracted)
  • 10% discount over paying per month
Join Real Travel Experts

Travel Expert & Author

$4995monthly or billed annually & save 10%

Please note: At this time, the Real Travel Experts opportunity is limited to travel agents/agencies in North America only.

Just a Few of The Hundreds of Leads Flowing to our Experts

I saw you on some YouTube videos. We are looking for a cruise expert and feel you are just that. Looking to book a river boat cruise in may June of this year 2023 in Europe. Possible the Rhine. Hope we still have time.

For Beth Schulberg 01/01/2023, Cruise & Travel Specialists

We recently watched a u tube video on your cruise of the mediterranean which looked like the itinerary that we will be going on in September 2023 on the HAL’s Oosterdam. I would be very interested in speaking with you regarding transportation and accommodations in Venice (and any other words of wisdom or assistance). We have only been to Europe once and our trip was centered around Germany and Austria so we are really starting from scratch and would really value some advice and guidance from a more experienced traveler.

For Carol Patterson 01/02/2023, Cruise Holidays of Burlington

Hello Beth. My wife and I are interested in taking a river cruise to Paris & Normandy in late October or early November 2023. We watched your Youtube video where you reviewed the top three European river cruise companies and decided to contact you regarding our trip. Specifically, we are interested in a 7 day cruise on either Uniworld or AmaWaterways along with a pre-excursion stay in Paris. We live in the suburbs north of Detroit Michigan and will be flying first class out of the Detroit airport non-stop to Paris. If possible, I would like to schedule a time where we can talk to you and review our trip requirements. I am retired but my wife is still working. Since (my wife) is still working, we will have to schedule the call when it fits in her work schedule. If possible I prefer a Zoom or equivalent type of call since (my wife) will be on the call from her office and I will be home. Detroit is in the EST. I look forward to hear from you.

For Beth Schulberg 01/11/2023, Cruise & Travel Specialists

Hi Laura, I saw you on the RTE youtube and I would like to see if the Azamara cruise ship would be a good fit. I’m also interested in knowing about the different ports/excursions. I am in the early stages of gathering would be a good fit. I am in the early stages of gathering information.

For Laura Dodson 01/11/2023, Cruise & Travel Specialists

Hello – I have not worked with you before but saw you on YouTube. My husband and I are ae looking at going on a river cruise. I believe we have narrowed it down to the Rhine- Lake Como to Amsterdam. We have been on 2 Ama cruises and truly loved them. This is where all my questions come in, so could you call me at the number above. Thanks!

For Beth Schulberg 01/12/2023, Cruise & Travel Specialists

We recently watched a Youtube video regarding Oceania, featuring Carol. We’re looking at the Vista Nov 20, 2024 ocean crossing, Rome to Miami… In any case, we were happy to “meet” you, Carol, via Youtube, and would like to know if we can work with you.

For Carol Patterson 01/29/2023, Cruise Holidays of Burlington

I saw you on YouTube and enjoyed your talk. My wife and I are believers and appreciate that it appears you are also. We would appreciate any input you can give us about cruising, our possible choices, etc…

For Sheri Clarke 01/31/2023, PT Travel

I watched your video and so am contacting you for help! My granddaughter (20 years old) and I want to do a 7-10 day river cruise in Europe this summer while she on break from college (sometime between 7/17/23 and 8/27/23). Neither of us has ever been on a river cruise. I am looking at Amawaterways and Viking. We are on a budget but I am willing to spend money where it is important. She wants to see a castle inside and is moderately active. We both get sea sick so boating excursions are likely out of the question.

For Beth Schulberg 02/11/2023, Cruise & Travel Specialists

Hi, we happened to see your video on river cruising and are planning on a European one in 25/26, we’d like to get connected with a travel agent who specializes in river cruising as this is a big ticket item that we want to prepare for and really ensure we’re going with the best option for us.

For Beth Schulberg 02/21/2023, Cruise & Travel Specialists

Hello, I just viewed a youtube video with Rich and Linda Skinner discussing their Viking river cruise a few years back and decided that perhaps I need some guidance. I was interested in the Viking Grand European but could easily be swayed another way. First time in Europe and river cruising and a retirement bucket list item. I can either visit in person or phone. I live in Lake Stevens WA. Thanks!

For Rich & Linda Skinner 02/23/2023, Cruise Holidays of Woodinville

Actually looking to travel in August of 2024. Saw Larry Jackson’s utube video describing the Silverseas Alaskan cruise and thought it would be beneficial to have someone help us with our planning who actually did the cruise, Can try me anytime during the day on my cell – via the phone number above. Thanks, B

For Larry Jackson 02/23/2023, Cruise Holidays of Viera

Hi. Just watched you on YouTube. I’m interested in a luxury cruise through the Panama Canal Jan 2025. any recommendations on cruise lines?

For Tim Hersh 03/04/2023, Cruise Holidays of Topeka

Greetings, we’re looking for an agent like yourself to help us book a river cruise in Europe. After we saw your YouTube interview we think you would be great to book with. Thanks –

For Beth Schulberg 03/20/2023, Cruise & Travel Specialists

Hi Lola, my Wife and I had the pleasure of enjoying your talk on YouTube ( We are looking to book a world cruise / expedition(s) for 2026 (and beyond), preferably in the Cruise Lines you mentioned in a high end suite each and every time. We respect your candour, and equally, are looking for a trusted and experienced adviser now that we are retiring as empty nesters with our first grandson turning one this year. We are Australian, but presently live in Dubai completing a couple of projects, and are happy to cruise from anywhere being well travelled.

For Lola Vassliadis 03/23/2023, Cruise Holidays of Oakville
Beth – last night my wife. Ginger, and I were watching a Youtube video from RTE on Top 3 River Cruise Lines that featured you. We were very impressed by you and your knowledge. We are retiring in a couple of months and expect to do lot of travelling/cruising over the next 15-20 years. We are sold on using a cruise specialist, but there is not a lot of information on how to FIND a great one. We would love to talk to see if you could be that person.
For Beth Schulberg 03/24/2023, Cruise & Travel Specialists