Search Engine Optimization

Compass Media manages search engine optimization for most of our clients. Many key elements of SEO and on-page SEO are vital to helping potential customers  find your business online. We deploy  a suite of online tools for issue identification such as  Google Keyword Planner and SEMRUSH to manage and search for unique keywords and keyword combinations that represent your target market(s). These keywords are then incorporated into your website, social media, local SEO and search directory listings.

We analyze website traffic, and usage stats with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Using these tools, we are able to see what works and what doesn’t, refining content on your site to increase customer engagement, traffic and search engine ranking which in turn will increase your brand recognition and revenue.

Local Search Marketing (Local SEO)

Local search marketing is anything you do on the web to promote your physical travel business that makes face-to-face contact with your customers. It can apply to both home-based travel agents, larger storefront travel agencies, and national host agencies. If your travel agency meets with its customers directly — either through a storefront or service area — it’s termed a “local business”.  Compass Media uses a unique set of techniques and skills which can be used to increase your visibility on the Internet. This may also be referred to as “local SEO,” or local search engine optimization.

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