Testimonials For Compass Media

““Compass Media knows the travel industry and has the tools and know-how
to grow your business.”

Bob Shaffer, Bob Shaffer Travel

“Hi Ken!
“Compass Media is absolutely AMAZING!!!!! The quality of my website is beyond what I could have created on my own. It is so nice to have someone like Ken looking over the ONLINE world for me!

The relationships Compass Media has created with their customers has allowed me to be a web presence through their RTE Interview! Ken set the entire thing up all I had to do was call in. It was wonderful to know he was working hard behind the scenes while I focused on selling travel. Ken got right back to me once the interview was loaded on line and there I was !!!! On line in the video and I did not have to do any of the work ! HA HA HA

Ken’s work is greatly appreciated by Feenstra Travel. I received a booking from a new customer in Chicago as a result of the RTE interview !

Thank you Ken – This agents loves Compass Media”

Melissa Feenstra, Feenstra Travel

“Hi Ken!
I wanted to share something with you. I have booked 2 river cruises in the past 7 days … that came from the interview I did with you. One of them was a 21 day Uniworld.

Just wanted to let you know, and thank you again!
Shari “

“Hi Ignacio!
Years ago when I was a Cruise Holidays franchise owner some of my colleagues starting using Compass Media’s services to help with websites, email blasts, social media, etc. We’ve been together over 10 years.

Compass Media is the name of their company. I have them on a monthly retainer and honestly say I could not do this business without Ken and Debra Lawrence. I am a salesperson period. I can’t do nor I want to do anything else!

It was their idea to start a You Tube Channel called Real Travel Experts. I’ve done a couple of videos but nothing blew up like this one. https://youtu.be/pxU9R3xG6fg 37k views organically. I’m almost afraid to pay money to promote it! Hahaha…… Please don’t steal them away from me!”

“Hi Ken,
I wanted to tell you THANK YOU!!!!!

Due to the Nile video you posted of me I just secured one of the biggest single bookings ever! This woman usually books all her trips herself and uses Nat Geo trips, but after listening to you and I she called me as she wanted to have a professional book this for her. She’s a very nice, fun person from SFO and it’s been a real treat working with her. It also has Dave and I reliving the trip, which we enjoy.

I want to thank you again for your help.”

Judy Nickerson, Judy's Luxury Travel

“Hi John,
One of our most successful promotions came from an interview both Linda and I did with Ken Lawrence for his online Travel Talk program. In the past month it has produced two river and one ocean new booking (roughly $45K) from folks who contacted us directly as a result of the video and a total of six calls that may yet produce additional sales. One caller, already cruising on the Rhine with Viking has us do a $7500 post trip and wishes to do Alaska in 2023.

Would you be able to provide coop funds to help with some Facebook Ads this project? To see the video just go to https://youtu.be/37Uot2xPuSs and click on the thumbnail with Linda and my smiling faces.

Hope you are doing well in this wet and cold Spring.

“Hey Ken!
And a man who used to do international movies/shows told me that RTE – Travel Talk was amazing. And they are hiring me for their river cruise and possible friends cruise because it showed my personality.

Thanks Ken! That was nice to hear.

Shari “

“I wanted to thank you again for putting together such a nice YouTube video! I am receiving really positive feedback from the video.

I have already booked clients on Azamara that came to me from the video! I am getting ready to email the 3-executives from Azamara, Ponant and Windstar. I am going to share the video. It would be great if the super short videos that Beth and I did at the Signet Conference (where they endorsed our agency) could be linked to our website. Please let me know if this is possible.

Again…you are awesome Ken- THANK YOU!

“Did I tell you how much we appreciate you and your team? You have done a great job with our website and our Facebook has grown in likes and views tremendously since you took it over! Very happy so far! Be sure and make recommendations on things we can do to have an even better technology presence! Sheri and I have absolutely NO time to work on this stuff! We are incredibly busy and it is a huge relief to know that your team is overseeing this on our behalf! “

Liane Lance, PT Travel
“We are off to a fast start because of the time and effort you have devoted to our successful launch. You have learned our ways in Topeka and have enhanced our efforts in a very positive way!”
“Compass Media is great to work with. Not only do they produce very professional web pages, but they are responsive and keep me informed every step of the way.”

I want you know I just booked my largest commission on one stateroom ever! It was from a man that emailed me from one of the first online things you did! So Woohoo! Thanks! I hope to have more of these!

“It was a 2 week river cruise in a high end stateroom with business class air and they’re sailing in 23 days! It took him awhile to find the time to decide, but when he did it worked great!

So hat’s off to you and thank you, thank you!”

““You Guys Rock! Thank you so much for looking after me!””