The term “Local Search Optimization” has been creating some buzz lately and for good reason; it‘s key to being found quickly online by people in your geographic area. A huge portion of your clients, over 80%, will research their purchases online before they buy. So if local sales are an important part of your business you better make sure your website is optimized for Local search, you can be sure your top competitors are.

OK, so you know it’s important, but how exactly do you optimize for local search? Well the answer is relatively simple but takes time and resources to be effective. 

Here are some great ways to start optimizing for local search:

Name, Address, Phone number (NAP) 
-Placing NAP in your websites footer (on all pages) is a great way to implement this strategy on your website
-Consistent NAP information in all its locations (on your site and other citation/directory listings)
-Ensure you use a local phone number

Keyword Strategy 
A great place to start is using tools like the Google keyword planner, identify unique keywords and keyword combinations that represent your business, products and service. These keywords need to be incorporated into you website, social media and Search directory listings. 

Local Directory listing
Ensure you have a listing on all top local search directories. You might be thinking this means yellowpages, but it also includes, Google places for Business, Yahoo local, Yelp, and many more. Check your business out on for help seeing where you are and where you need to be. Claim listing when possible and edit to ensure all information is accurate and consistent with your keyword strategy and NAP. The list is huge, pick the top 10 to start but continue over time, it’s worth the effort.

If you’re like most travel agencies you’re faced with the problem of wanting to be competitive online but not having the time, knowledge or resources to do so. Chances are you need to speak with us for strategic planning and implementation. We’ve got the know-how, tool, processes, strategies and programs in place.