Are you comfortable with 1000 fans on your business page? Yes? If you are working – and I mean working – it, then that’s a good start, I’ll give you some hints in a later post how you can and should grow this base. If you are NOT working it, then you may as well fold up your tent and go home because  no one will see your posts on their feeds. Invisible …

But this post is for those folks who are trying to work their page.

Hint #1. Be social. Post travel tips. Post alerts. Don’t continually post specials and sales. ( How many times have you heard this? Because it is important!)

Hint #2. Use photos. Especially of yourself having a good time on a cruise or a tour or a resort, etc. Fans won’t be turned off – fans will want to be you, that is they want to have this fun too. And they know exactly who has been there and knows the destination first hand – YOU.

Hint #3. Be consistent. Decide how often you can post, and DO IT without fail, preferably a few times per week minimum, once a day would be the cat’s meow. On my page I put up a “serial” post every day except Sat & Sun, and that keeps me in thousands of people’s timelines everyday. And that’s with over 25,000 fans but that is another post!

Hint #4. Check your Insights to see when your fans are on line, and schedule your posts in that time slot. ( See the next hint – I don’t expect you to wait up until midnight because that’s when traffic peaks.) There’s nothing worse than putting up 5 or 6 items just because you have an hour to sit and do it. It actually may cause a fan to “unlike” your page if they are bombarded with 6 posts in an hour’s span or, even if they don’t unlike you, what is the chance they read even one of the six? It’s just too much.

Hint #5 Don’t know how to schedule? Look for the little clock on the bottom left of your post before clicking the post button. Click on the clock and then it’s simple to follow from there.

Hint #6: Even if you want to post right away, schedule the post anyway and look at it to see how it will eventually appear to your fans. You’ll find it hidden under “Edit Page” and “Use Activity Log”. If there is anything wonky or you need to reword, add or delete (even the whole post), it can be done before it is posted.

Hope these few hints helped. Next post: Increasing Fan Base.