Say It with Pictures

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Say It with Pictures What should I post to my social media channels? We get this question frequently from clients trying to come up with ideas and content for their social media. When advising our clients, we always remind themof the name of the medium; social media. The very best content will always remain true [...]

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Say Welcome Home to Referrals and Repeat Business

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How does your client base stack up? Do your clients book with you time after time for every vacation? Do your clients refer business to you? How many times have you checked in with a client to find they have booked direct with a vendor? Or to find they have been lured away with [...]

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Show Your Expertise

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Our depth of travel knowledge at Compass Media is extensive. We are former travel agents, we have travelled widely and we stay up to date with all the various trends, blogs, and publications. So we can write and ghost-write blog posts, newsletters and so on. Having said that, we likely can't come close to [...]

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Working Your Face Book Business Page

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Are you comfortable with 1000 fans on your business page? Yes? If you are working - and I mean working - it, then that's a good start, I'll give you some hints in a later post how you can and should grow this base. If you are NOT working it, then you may as well [...]

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